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GearDryer - New for 2017

Why GearDry - High Quality at an Affordable Price?

Dry Gear is Warm Gear
When you work hard and play hard outside, gear gets wet from snow, rain, and your own sweat. Left untreated, the enclosed spaces in boots and gloves can remain damp for days—and wet gear is cold gear. GearDryer delivers a powerful supply of forced air—heated or ambient—to quickly eliminate the moisture trapped in boots, gloves, helmets and more. Dry gear is warm gear, and warm gear makes for great days outside.


Wall, Floor & Rolling Hardware Included

6 Pair Wall Unit   $699.00

SOLD OUT - Please take a look at our Free Standing Model >>>>

6 Pair Free Standing Model $599.00


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Powerful Supply of Forced Air; GearDryer’s dual fans generate more than 200 CFM of airflow and channel it directly into wet gear.

Dry with Heated or Ambient Air; Simply turn on the heat to speed up dry times. GearDryer’s self-regulating heater increases the air temperature by 25ºF for gentle yet effective drying.

12 Customizable Dryer Ports; Designed with versatility in mind, GearDryer’s ports feature a twist and lock design that allows you to customize the port layout for any drying application.

5 Pre-Programmed Dry Settings; Select a 15-minute, 30-minute, 1-hour, or 2-hour dry cycle. Plus, hold the 2-hour button for 3 seconds to initiate a 24-hour dry cycle.

Plugs Into a Standard 120 V Outlet; Simply plug the GearDryer into a standard outlet in your home or garage.

Built to Last;  Heavy-duty steel construction, durable powder coat finish, and quality components throughout.

A Note from Gear Dryer
We believe that having the right tool for the job goes a long way, and that’s true whether the job is making fresh tracks on a powder day or putting in long hours at a construction site. Making the investment in good gear that performs is always worth it. That’s why we built GearDryer—a boot and glove drying system that really gets the job done. If you work hard and play hard outdoors you know the value of good gear, and when you need to dry that gear after a big day, you shouldn’t have to settle on a cheap, plastic boot dryer with weak airflow. We built GearDryer for you, because you demand gear that performs.

To keep it simple, we’re just some good ol’ Utah boys. We like to ski powder, ride mountain bikes, climb rocks, and camp under the stars. We cut our teeth in the outdoor gear industry, working with outdoor professionals and chasing our own passions outside. We know the value of good gear firsthand—whether it’s our bikes, skis, or climbing gear—having equipment that performs day in and day out is a necessity.

GearDryer began with our own search for a boot dryer that would get the job done and look good in our homes. When we realized our options were limited to cheap, plastic boot dryers with weak airflow and commercial systems with exorbitant price tags and shipping costs, we knew we could do better. So we went to work on designing a high-performance, highly-versatile boot, glove, and gear drying solution that would get the job done right.
During our design and development process, we found the single most important factor in the performance of a boot dryer is the amount of forced airflow that is directed into boots and gloves. With more than 200 CFM of airflow, our

GearDryer puts out more airflow than most of the high-dollar commercial systems, and puts the cheap plastic dryers out there to shame—it’s not even a contest. We also built in the option to dry with heated or ambient air—this seems like a no-brainer, but GearDryer is one of the only systems available that gives you the choice. On top of that, we designed the airflow ports to be modular, allowing you to direct airflow into gear and customize the port layout for specific gear drying solutions. Finally, we designed the GearDryer to look great in your home, mudroom, or garage.

We’re confident that our GearDryer delivers the best performance and value of any boot and glove drying system available. Period.

The GearDryer Team

Boot & Glove Dryer Benefits:

bulletSki boot dryers allow skiers can quickly dry ski boots and gloves 
bulletSkaters will always have dry skates and gloves using a ski boot dryer
bulletAthletes can have dry odor free sneakers or cleats after using a ski boot dryer
bulletSki boot dryers allow outdoor workers can go to work with dry warm boots every day
bulletDry, moist free boots and gloves are warmer and will keep you warmer longer



Feet and Hands have the highest number of sweat glands per square inch


Moisture breeds fungus and bacteria that create odor and disease


Moist garments are up to 25 times colder than dry garments


Because boots, shoes and gloves are closed end garments, they do not dry well without the aid of dryers